viet-inspired cuisine

Mekong District focuses on dishes influenced by family recipes but also inspired by different world cuisines.

Unlike other area Vietnamese restaurants, Mekong District is not your traditional Vietnamese fare. We aspire to bring influences from different Asian and Western cuisines into Vietnamese cooking.

a taste of vietnam

While you may find staples such as pho and grilled rice and vermicelli dishes, Sriracha Edamame, Viet Carpaccio, Lamb Shank, MD Steak and Coconut Mussels are definitely not Vietnamese. But fair warning, some dishes are based on chef’s inspiration and may not stay on the menu for long.

about us

Chef/Owner Tai Nham, the youngest of eleven, grew up in a traditional Vietnamese household, heavily influenced by traditional Vietnamese cooking. However, being the youngest and more adventurous and open to trying new cuisines available in the US, Tai took interest in tasting and experimenting with different spices and methods of preparation and execution.

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